Why You Can’t Skip the Professional Photographer for a Law Firm Rebrand


Law firms look very different from how they once did a few decades ago and for good reason. 

Many of today’s firms have adopted a more contemporary look because it’s more appealing to the modern customer.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to rebrand your law firm, hiring a professional photographer is a must!

Here are a few of the reasons why it makes sense:

James R. McGrath, Jr., Esq.

Consistency is essential. Rebranding a law firm is more than just changing up your logo. You need your entire brand identity to be consistent. From colors and photos to the overall theme, a customer who sees consistency trusts a lot more easily. By hiring a photographer, you know that visually, your brand will be as consistent as possible.

Images tell a story. Living in the age of social media, images appeal to us and make a statement just as much as words do – even more so in some instances. Working with the right photographer will ensure your website and any marketing material fits in with your law firm’s mission statement. The right photographer can even help you communicate your values and mission statement using images alone.

Customers want to know who they’re working with. While most of the people in your firm probably already have a headshot, a law firm comes across as more professional if everyone’s headshot is good quality and the same style. Plus, you want everyone’s headshots to be up to date. This way, a client isn’t left feeling confused when the person they’re meeting looks vastly different from their photo. What’s more, how someone looks and dresses in a headshot has an effect on credibility too – another good reason to make sure everyone has an updated photo. 

Burke Williams Sorenson

If you are going to take the time to rebrand your law firm, it’s best to do it right the first time around. Hiring a professional photographer who regularly works with law firms is a long-term investment in your firm’s image. 

What to Wear: Choosing the Perfect Outfit

Wardrobe Tips

Your outfit will make a huge difference to your photos so choose something that suits your personality and your brand.  There is no need to spend a fortune on clothes either. Make sure your clothes suit your body type and fit well. Simpler is better, but feel free to add a pop of color to add some personality and flair. Keep your skin tone and hair in mind when choosing an outfit as contrasting colors make for some of the best photos. Curious how you might look in a certain outfit? That’s why you have me! Not only can you bring several outfits to your session that we will go through, but you can also send me photos ahead of time.

Tips for the Ladies

*Avoid baggy clothing
*Stay away from clothing with logos and wording – unless it is part of your brand
*Don’t wear intense colors or busy prints
*Choose the right undergarments

Hair & Makeup

As part of your session fee, we include complimentary hair and makeup. If you really want to make your photos stand out, we suggest you take advantage of that offer.  Opt for a hairstyle that adds body and volume to your hair. Extensions can be used if necessary or desired. Faux eyelashes are in and really add a lot to your eyes in photos – so be sure to add those as well.

Tips for the Men

*Avoid wearing any items with logos or wording – unless it is part of your branding
*If you are wearing a suit, it should be tailored
*Your shirt should be fitting.
*Clothing that’s too big adds weight so opt go for something that’s slightly smaller to avoid the sloppy look
*A tie isn’t always necessary but bring one along anyway
*Ensure that your undershirt is not visible